API Upgrade Guide


New PaymentsOS API features and fixes are released from time to time. If all your requests include an api-version header, then new releases should never break your code, because breaking-changes are released under a new api-version number.
We recommend that you always include an api-version header in your requests, and that you stay up-to-date with the latest API version changes, which will be documented in this guide.

Types of API changes

  • Breaking-changes
    • These changes could potentially break your existing API requests, if your requests don't include an api-version header. For example, adding new mandatory request parameters to an existing API method.
    • We increase the api-version number when we release these type of API changes.
  • Non-breaking-changes
    • These changes do not break your existing API requests. For example, adding new API resources, optional request parameters or new response objects.
    • Note - We reserve the right to introduce non-breaking changes without prior notice. Make sure that your integration does not treat the presence of unexpected non-breaking-attributes in responses, as an error condition.

Navigate to the change log of your choice:

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