Change Log

New PaymentsOS API features and fixes are released from time to time. Changes that will require you to update your integration code are always released under a new api-version number. For this reason, we recommend that you always include an api-version header in your requests. This ensures that the changes we introduce will not break your code.

March 2019

Management API You can now exclude fields from the data object returned in the webook event body. See the Webhooks topic for more information.

September 2018

Webhooks Introduced in version: 1.2.0. The webhook body now also returns the complete transaction resource related to the Webhook event. Important: changes have been made to the structure of both the event body and the event header. See the Webhooks topic for more information.

January 2018

Payments API Introduced in version: 1.2.0. You can now save a token, so that customers do not need to re-enter their payment details each time they want to initiate a transaction on your site. The token object has been extended to include a state attribute whose value reflects the token's usage.
Webhooks An order_id (if available) has been added to the `resource` object.

November 2017

Payments API Introduced in version: 1.1.0. All amounts and unit_prices have been changed to minor currency units format, and their field types have been changed from double to integer (for details see the Minor Units Format guide.)
Payments API Introduced in version: 1.1.0. The type attribute was renamed to token_type, and a new type attribute was added. This change affects the token resource and the payment-method resource.
Payments API Introduced in version: 1.1.0. The country_code format, in the payment-method resource changed from 2 to 3 letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 format.
Payments API Introduced in version: 1.1.0. The payment_method object is now mandatory for the POST Authorize and POST Charge methods.
The payment_method_token and credit_card_cvv attributes were moved from the body of these methods, into the new mandatory payment_method object.
Payments API Introduced in version: 1.1.0. HTTP error code 504 was replaced by error code 503.
Payments API Introduced in version: 1.1.0. If the x-client-ip-address is not sent in POST Authorize or POST Charge methods, then we will no longer substitute the server ip_address as the default value.

October 2017

Payments API The following Response Sub-categories were added: insufficient_funds and lost_stolen_card.

July 2017

Webhooks Introduced in version: 1.0.1. The structure of the POST request body has been modified to include a resource object. You will not receive the new structure, unless you upgrade to this version.

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