Give our APIs a Try

The best way to get a feel for the ease of using our payment flow APIs, is to simply give it a try! To help you get up to speed, we created a Postman collection that contains a set of API requests for invoking some example payment flows and operations.


  • Before you can try our APIs, you need to setup your PaymentsOS environment as explained in Setting up Payments OS.
  • The requests in the Postman collection will work out-of-the-box if you are running an initial test using our mock provider. Invoking the requests against another provider may require you to modify the request bodies to meet the provider's request requirements. For more information, refer to the Provider Integration Guides.

Click the button below to import our collection in Postman (you may need to refresh the page if the button does not work for you). Note that we create a new environment each time you import the collection.

Setting your Environment Variables

When you import our collection, we'll create an environment named "PaymentsOS". Edit the environment and configure the app-id, private-key and public-key variables (login to your PaymentsOS environment and grab the values from your Business Unit configuration). You can leave all the other variables unchanged.


When creating the environment, we set the PaymentsOS environment to test. We recommend you invoke the collection's API requests in a test environment only.

Running the Requests in the Correct Order

Beware that the order in which you run the requests is important, since some of the data returned by one request may be used in the next. To make sure you run the requests in the right order, we numbered each request for you. You can now simply execute all requests in the order listed.

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