Migrating Card Data

Moving from your current providers involves a three-step process that will go completely unnoticed to your customers (rest assured, they will not need to reenter their card information at any stage during or after the move):

  1. You contact your providers to request an export of your card data.
  2. We tokenize the card data for you and migrate the cards to PaymentsOS.
  3. You modify your code logic so that existing customers use the card information stored with PaymentsOS.


  • Depending on your account status, we may charge a fee for migrating your card data. Contact our support desk at support@zooz.com to discuss fees that may apply.
  • If you are accepting payments through a mobile app, you will need to update your app to use the card data stored with PaymentsOS. Customers who do not upgrade to the latest app version will still use tokens stored with your providers. We therefore recommend that you deprecate old app versions to ensure customers using your mobile app are moved to PaymentsOS as well.

To ensure a smooth transition, start the process from the moment at which you completed the integration with PaymentsOS and new customers are already storing their card tokens on our servers.

Payment Flow

Let's explore each of these steps in more detail.

Step 1: You request an export of your card data

To get the process started, work with your current providers to obtain an export of your customers' card information. The card data must be exported to a PGP-encrypted csv file. Contact us at support@zooz.com so that we can provide you with a public key for each file that needs to be encrypted. You need to make sure the data export includes at least the following fields:

  • card holder name
  • card number
  • expiration date
  • customer reference

Optionally, include the customer's first name, last and email address as well. Then send us the file to support@zooz.com.


  • While we recommend your providers use PGP to encrypt your data files, some providers may require another encryption technology. If this is the case, contact us at support@zooz.com so that we can review the encryption requirements.
  • If you require our PCI certificate, contact us at support@zooz.com to request a copy.

Step 2: We migrate the card data to PaymentsOS

After you send us the encrypted files, we will tokenize the cards, create customers on our server and migrate the card data for you. Pending the migration, your existing customers will still use the card information stored at your providers.

Note that at this stage, there may be a slight possibility that some existing customers will want to update their card information while we are still processing your card data. In this case, make sure you modify your code logic for handling card updates to move those customers to PaymentsOS 'on the fly'.

Code Logic for Handling Card Updates in the Interim

  1. Tokenize your customer's card information, as explained in Collecting Card Information.
  2. Create a customer object and save the token. Then use the saved the saved token to accept a payment. See Saving the Token.

Step 3: You modify your code logic

The last step is to modify your code logic so that existing customers use the card information stored with PaymentsOS.

Code Logic for Using the Card Information Stored with PaymentsOS

As part of the data migration, we created customer objects in which your customer tokens are saved. To uniquely identify each customer, we used the customer reference that you provided in the data export file. All what is left for you to do, is fetch the tokens using the Retrieve Customer by Customer Reference API. For more information, see how to Use the Saved Token to Accept a Payment.

Migration Checklist

The following checklist will help you complete the card migration process.

Step Completed
Contact us at support@zooz.com to obtain the public key that your provider will use for encrypting the card information file.
Contact your provider and request a data export to a PGP-encrypted csv file. Make sure your provider uses our public key to encrypt the file.
Send the encrypted data export file to support@zooz.com.
Once we inform you that the migration has been completed, update your code logic so that existing customers use the card information stored with PaymentsOS. You can fetch a customer's payment method using the Retrieve Customer by Reference API.

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