Connecting to Payment Providers

PaymentsOS allows you to define route rules that will allow the PaymentsOS Decision Engine to direct your payments to the most optimal processing destination based on your business needs. This introduces some requirements that you need to be aware of:

  • A payment provider may not necessarily support a specific flow or operation.

  • Some payment providers require you to pass in specific data in the API request. Remember that PaymentsOS provides a single API for transacting against multiple providers. You should thus add all the extra data required by your providers to the API requests you invoke.

For an overview of the requirements specific to each provider, refer to the Integration Guides below.


It may take you some time to determine what fields you must include in your transaction requests. So why not let our bodybuilder do all the heavy lifting for you? Simply use the form below to build a POST request body with just a few clicks of the mouse. Over time, our bodybuilder will gain more muscle and additional request types and providers will appear in the list.

Select request type

Select providers

Sample header will be displayed here

Output will de displayed here.

Integration Guides

Upcoming Provider Integrations

Stay tuned as we will be adding connectivity to an array of providers

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