Credorax has some special integration requirements. Follow the standard PaymentsOS integration procedure, and then apply the relevant extra specifications described below.

Specifications for Card-based Transactions

The following table lists the integration specifications for Credorax.

Minimum PaymentsOS API Version1.2.0
  • Authorize
  • Capture (including multiple/partial)
  • Charge
  • Credit
  • Refund (including multiple/partial)
  • Void
CurrenciesCredorax supports a wide range of currencies. Refer to the Credorax documentation for a complete list of supported currencies.
Payment Methods
  • VISA
Transaction Processing without CVVSupported
3DS RedirectionNot supported


The following table lists the configurations that are specific to Credorax. All configuration settings apply to your Credorax direct account.

In the PaymentsOS Control Center, configure the following credentials:
  • merchant_id: The merchant id as defined in your Credorax account.
  • signature_key: The SHA256 signature key you received from Credorax
In your Credorax account, configure SHA256 hashing (used for authentication purposes).Required
In your Credorax account, enable the currencies you require in your transactions. Contact Credorax support for assistance.Required
In your Credorax account, enable the transaction request types you would like to use. Note that Operation code 101 (Past Transaction Retrieval) is required. The other request types are optional.
  • Operation code 101 (Past Transaction Retrieval). This is required for PaymentOS to remain in sync with the transaction status.
  • Charge. This is operation code 1 in your Credorax account.
  • Authorization. This is operation code 2 in your Credorax account.
  • Capture. This is operation code 3 in your Credorax account.
  • Authorization Void. This is operation code 4 in your Credorax account.
  • Refund. This is operation code 5 in your Credorax account.
  • Credit. This is operation code 6 in your Credorax account.
  • Charge Void. This is operation code 7 in your Credorax account.
  • Capture Void. This is operation code 9 in your Credorax account.
In your Credorax account, disable the CVV check if desired. Contact Credorax support for assistance.Optional
In your Credorax account, enable a Dynamic Billing Descriptor. This requires approval from Credorax.Optional

Sample Requests

Use the bodybuilder to create a sample request body for each request type.


Contact for the latest test-card data.

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