PayU Panama

PayU Panama has some special integration requirements. Follow the standard PaymentsOS integration procedure, and then apply the relevant extra specifications described below.

Creating a Provider Configuration

When creating a new provider configuration in the PaymentsOS Control Center, select PayU Latam as the provider.

Specifications for Card-based Transactions

The following table lists the integration specifications for PayU Panama.

Minimum PaymentsOS API Version1.0.0
  • Charge
  • Refund
  • Partial Refund is not supported.
  • The PaymentsOS test environment does not support the requests listed (this is a limitation of the PayU Latam sandbox environment).
Payment MethodsMASTERCARD
Transaction Processing without CVVNot supported
3DS RedirectionNot supported


The following table lists the configurations that are specific to PayU Panama.

In the PaymentsOS Control Center, configure the following credentials:
  • apiLogin: The user name supplied by PayU Panama
  • apiKey: undefined
  • accountId: The identifier of the account in PayU Panama
  • paymentCountry: PAN
  • merchantId: The merchant ID in PayU Panama
When creating a new provider configuration in the PaymentsOS Control Center, select PayU Latam as the provider.
In the PaymentsOS Control Center, register webhooks to be notified when a transaction changes its status.

Note: Some API requests in the payment flow may remain in a pending status for some time.
In your PayU Panama account, enable the validate unique. This will validate that each payment reference sent to the PayU Latam system is unique.Required
Contact PayU Latam Support to get a list of the minimum payment amounts required by the payment methods that you intend to use.

To avoid unnecessary request failures, we recommend that you include some 'minimum value' validation for the transaction payment.amount in your system.

Sample Requests

Use the bodybuilder to create a sample request body for each request type.


Follow the steps in the PayU integration testing page.

The transaction may be declined with the following responseCode: DECLINED_TEST_MODE_NOT_ALLOWED. For testing, try one of these workarounds:

  • When creating the Token, set the token.holder_name to "APPROVED".

  • Your test account may be configured in "test mode". To disable it, log into your administrative module Then navigate to Settings tab > Settings Accounts, select the account and check off "transaction in test mode". Save your settings when done.

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