PayU Romania

Follow the standard PaymentsOS integration procedure, and then apply the relevant extra specifications described below.

API Version

Minimum required API version: 1.0.0

The following features require an API version higher than the minimum:

  • 3DS 2.0 External requires API version 1.3.0

Payment Methods


Before starting your implementation, you should verify with your PayU Romania Account Manager, which of the payment methods with installments are enabled in your account.

The following table lists all supported payment methods.

Payment MethodPayment Method TypeNotes
ALPHABANK INSTALLMENTSCardsWithout installments
BCR INSTALLMENTSCardsWithout installments
BRD INSTALLMENTSCardsWithout installments
BRDFCardsWithout installments
CARD AVANTAJCardsWithout installments
GARANTI ROCardsWithout installments
MAESTROCardsWith installments
MASTERCARDCardsWith installments
OPTIMOCardsWithout installments
RAIFFEISENCardsWithout installments
STAR_BTCardsWithout installments
VISACardsWith installments
VISA ElectronCardsWith installments




The following table provides an overview of all supported and non-supported features.

3DS 1.0 ExternalYes
3DS 1.0 InternalYes
3DS 2.0 ExternalYes
3DS 2.0 InternalNo
Level 2 and 3 DataNo
Retrieve Supported Payment MethodsNo
Retrieve Supported PlansNo
Statement Soft DescriptorNo
Stored Credentials FlagYes
Transaction Processing without CVVYes


The following table lists all supported requests for card-based transactions. Use the bodybuilder to create a sample request body for each request type.

AuthorizePartial and multiple are not supportedAsynchronous
Capture Partial is supportedAsynchronousSupport for partial Capture depends on the specific acquirer.
Refund Partial is supportedAsynchronous
Void Not ApplicableAsynchronous

Setup Procedures

The following table lists the setup procedures that are specific to this provider.

In the PaymentsOS Control Center, configure the following credentials:
  • merchant_code: The merchant id in PayU Romania.
  • secret_key: Secret key provided by PayU Romania.
To see your PayU Romania credentials, open your PayU administration page and choose Account Management > Account settings.

For testing in the sandbox environment, contact your PayU Romania account representative to request a dedicated testing account. Alternatively, use the following credentials to test in a shared environment:
In your PayU Romania account, configure the currencies you want to use in transactions. Contact PayU Romania support for assistance.Required
In your PayU Romania account, enable IPNs (Instant Payment Notifications). This will ensure that PaymentsOS is kept in sync with PayU systems. See Configuring IPN Settings below. Contact PayU Romania support for assistance.Required
If you intend to use an external 3DS flow, make sure to verify the following:
  • Your PayU Romania account must be configured to support 3DS from an external MPI.
  • The acquirer to which PayU Romania routes the transaction must support 3DS from an external MPI.
  • If you configured multiple providers in your PaymentsOS account, then you should define a route rule to direct transactions to a provider that can process data received from an external 3DS service. For more information, see Routing Transactions to a Provider Supporting External 3DS.
Contact PayU Romania support for assistance.

Integration Procedures

The following sections list the integration procedures that are specific to this provider.

Considerations when Creating an Authorization

The authorization amount may be higher than the payment.amount, due to commissions related to installments. The final authorization.amount can be seen in the response to the authorization request.

Configuring IPN settings

Enabling IPNs is mandatory, to keep the PaymentsOS platform in sync with PayU systems.

Login to your PayU Romania account, and choose Account Management > Account Settings > IPN Settings.

First, set the following IPN URL fFor the PaymentsOS live environment:

Next, select the following (required) fields:SALEDATE, REFNOEXT, ORDERSTATUS, IPN_PID[], IPN_PNAME[], IPN_DATE, and IPN_TOTALGENERAL. We recommend selecting all the fields.

Now enable IPNs in your PayU Romania account by choosing Account Settings > Notifications > Type of notifications, and select IPN (Instant Payment Notification) (by default, only Authorized orders is enabled.)

As a last step, Activate all IPN types by choosing Account Settings > Notifications > Send notifications for, and select:

  • Canceled and returned orders
  • Complete orders

Redirecting your Customer for Redirection Flows (3DS)

When you send a post authorization request, a redirection flow may be required (3D Secure authentication). If so, we will return an authorization resource containing an authorization.redirection.url, and a status of 'pending'. Redirect your customer to this URL, so that they can authenticate themselves / complete the payment flow.

Once the redirection session is done, we'll redirect your customer's browser back to your site, using the merchant_site_url (that you provided in the post authorization request). We've included the following URL parameters in the merchant_site_url, to provide you with the context of the page that you'll need to load: payment_id, authorization_id, and status (of the authorization). Here's an example:



The status of your authorization request may still be 'pending' when we redirect your customer back to your site (while the provider is processing the request).


You can use the following test cards for testing:

Test Card Number Expiration Month Expiration Year CVV / CVC2 Cardholder Name 3DS Enrolled Payment Status Error received
4111111111111111 12 2020 123 Any name YES Success payment -
4111111111111111 11 2020 123 Any name No Success payment -
5105105105105100 11 2020 123 Any name No Failed payment Not sufficient funds
5563693062030796 11 2020 123 Any name No Failed payment Stolen card, pick up
4921301010459253 11 2020 123 Any name No Failed payment Default error

You can test installments payment methods using the following card details for different testing scenarios:

Brand Test Card Numbers Expiration Month Expiration Year CVV / CVC2 Cardholder Name
Card Avantaj 5186170004106668
03 2021 123 Any Name
BRD Finance 5220620107681833
03 2021 123 Any Name
Star BT 4555552420664386
03 2021 123 Any Name
Raiffeisen 6011116461271023
03 2021 123 Any Name
Garanti Bonus Card 5555003167580804
03 2021 123 Any Name
BCR 4999990806306657
03 2021 123 Any Name
AlphaBank 4670935882226267
03 2021 123 Any Name

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