Russian Standard Bank (RSB)

Russian Standard Bank (RSB) has some special integration requirements. Follow the standard PaymentsOS integration procedures, and then apply the relevant extra specifications described below.

Specifications for Card-based Transactions

The following table lists the integration specifications for RSB.

Minimum PaymentsOS API Version1.1.0
  • Authorize
  • Capture (including multiple/partial)
  • Charge
  • Refund (including multiple/partial)
  • Void
Payment Methods
  • AMEX
  • JCB
  • MIR
  • VISA
Transaction Processing without CVVSupported
3DS RedirectionSupported


The following table lists the configurations that are specific to RSB.

In the PaymentsOS Control Center, configure the following credentials:
  • certificate. Copy the certificate string from the .pem file. For help in creating a certificate, review the instructions in the RSB documentation (will download as a PDF file).
  • private-key
In your RSB account, configure COB (Close of Business Day) to ensure funds are automatically settled at the end of each business day. Login to your RSB account and configure your business day closing schedule in user > settings.Required
In your RSB account, disable CVV if required.Contact RSB support for assistance.Optional
In your RSB account, enable 3DS. For help, see Enabling 3DS.Optional
In your RSB account, configure partial/multiple capture. Contact RSB support for assistance.Optional

Sample Requests

Use the bodybuilder to create a sample request body for each request type.

Request Retries in the Event of a Provider Network Error

Since requests with RSB are not idempotent safe, we cannot deduce the status of a request in the event of a provider_network_error. We will therefore return a 201 status code and keep the request in status Pending to prevent double-charges. Beware that creating a new payment for the same transaction may result in a double-charge. To resolve the status of Pending, please contact Zooz or RSB support.

Enabling 3DS


3DS must be implemented as part of a redirection flow. For an overview of how to implement a redirection flow, see Implementing a Redirection Flow.

If you require 3DS, contact RSB support to configure the following IPN URLs in your RSB environment:

After configuring the IPN URLs, configure Webhooks in your PaymentsOS environment to receive updates when a change in a transaction status occurs.

As a last step, make sure to include provider_specific_data with an is3ds value of true in your Create Authorization or Create Charge API requests:

"provider_specific_data": {
    "rsb": {
        "is3ds": "true"

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