Vantiv has some special integration requirements. Follow the standard PaymentsOS integration procedure, and then apply the relevant extra specifications described below.

Specifications for Card-based Transactions

The following table lists the integration specifications for Vantiv.

Minimum PaymentsOS API Version1.1.0
  • Authorize
  • Capture (including partial)
  • Charge
  • Refund (including partial)
  • Void. Supported for valid authorizations. Void is also supported for Capture and Charge requests within the same day.
  • An authorization is valid for seven days for MASTERCARD, VISA, and AMEX. For DISCOVER it is valid for ten days.
  • Vantiv recommends to leave at least a one minute 'processing time gap' between the POST Authorize and POST Void requests.
  • Partial capture is only supported for USD or CAD.
  • Partial refund is not supported with AMEX.
CurrenciesVantiv supports all currencies with 2 or less digits after the decimal separator. See Minor Units Format. Note that a Vantiv merchant account can only be associated with one currency.
Payment Methods
  • AMEX
  • JCB
  • VISA
3DS RedirectionNot supported


The following table lists the configurations that are specific to Vantiv.

In the PaymentsOS Control Center, configure the following credentials:
  • merchant_id: The Vantiv merchant ID. This is the ID from your Vantiv production environment. Configure this ID in both the PaymentsOS test and live environment.
    Note: The PaymentsOS test environment connects to the Vantiv post-live environment, which is why the production ID is required in the PaymentsOS test environment as well.
  • currency: The currency registered for the merchant_id in the Vantiv system.
  • url: Your website URL. This is required when sending a statement soft descriptor in an Authorize or Charge request. Maximum length is 13 characters.
In the PaymentsOS Control Center, register webhooks to be notified when a transaction changes its status.Required
Contact your Vantiv account representative and request that Zooz is configured as your presenter using API version 12. The Zooz presenter ID is ZOOZ12.Required
Ensure you do not work with Vantiv's 'Recycling engine' (working with Vantiv's 'Recycling engine' is not recommended, because it causes the PaymentsOS system to be out-of-sync with the Vantiv systems).Required

Sample Requests

Use the bodybuilder to create a sample request body for each request type.


You can use the following test cards for testing:

Card number Expiration date CVV Card type
4457010000000009 01/2021 349 Visa
4457010140000141 01/2021 312 Visa
2223000148400010 01/2021 312 MasterCard
5112000100000003 01/2021 312 MasterCard
6011010000000003 01/2021 758 Discover
6011010140000004 01/2021 312 Discover
375000026600004 01/2021 312 American Express
375001000000005 01/2021 312 American Express

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