Server API References

Explore our set of APIs that will get your developer heart beating just a tad faster.

Topics in this Section

Payments API

The Payments API lies at the core of your integration, allowing you to invoke all required API calls for completing a payment flow.

Management API

The Management API allows you to programmatically manage your PaymentsOS account.

Reporting API

The Reporting API provides endpoints for querying your payments history and extracting raw transaction data to a report in csv format. Extracting report data programmatically gives you some flexibility not available when creating a report through the Control Center UI. For instance, you can use the API to create more advanced filter criteria to increase the granularity of the data extracted to a report.

Analytics API

The Analytics API allows you to fetch detailed statistics on the performance of the transactions passing through your account.

Audit API

The Audit API allows you to fetch the history of the actions that a user performed in the system.

Last modified October 26, 2021