Follow the standard PaymentsOS integration procedure, and then apply the relevant extra specifications in this section to integrate with Braintree.

API Version

Minimum required API version: 1.1.0

The following features require an API version higher than the minimum:

  • 3DS 2.0 External requires API version 1.3.0

Payment Methods

The following table lists all supported payment methods.

Payment MethodPayment Method TypeNotes
American ExpressCards
DINERSCardsEU merchant accounts only support EUR, GBP, USD.
DISCOVERCardsEU merchant accounts only support EUR, GBP, USD.
MAESTROCardsSupported with EU merchant accounts only.


See Braintree Currencies.


The following table provides an overview of all supported and non-supported features.

3DS 2.0 ExternalYes
3DS 2.0 PaymentsOS-handledNo
3DS 2.0 Provider-handledNo
3DS 2.0 Self-handledNo
Level 2 and 3 DataNo
Multi-seller PaymentsNo
Network TokensNo
Payment FacilitatorNo
PayU RiskNo
Retrieve Supported Payment MethodsNo
Retrieve Supported PlansNo
Statement Soft DescriptorNo
Stored Credentials FlagNo
Transaction Processing without CVVNo


The following table lists all supported requests for card-based transactions. Use the bodybuilder to create a sample request body for each request type.

AuthorizePartial and multiple are not supportedSynchronousInstallments are not supported.
CapturePartial and multiple are not supportedAsynchronous
Charge Not ApplicableAsynchronousInstallments are not supported.
Refund Multiple is supportedAsynchronous
Void Not ApplicableSynchronous

Setup Procedures

The following table lists the setup procedures that are specific to this provider.

In the PaymentsOS Control Center, configure the following credentials:
  • merchant_id: The Merchant id as defined in Braintree.
  • public-key: Public key as defined in Braintree.
  • private-key: Private key as defined in Braintree.
  • merchant_account_id (optional): The Merchant account id as defined in Braintree. It represents a specific currency in your Braintree account.
  • currency: Currency as defined in Braintree.
  • You should have received a set of test credentials for each Braintree merchant account (one account per currency). Use these credentials to create separate provider configurations in the PaymentsOS test environment.
  • For your test credentials, login to your Braintree test account and click Account > My User > View Authorizations. For your live credentials, login to your Braintree live account.
  • To see your Braintree Merchant accounts click Settings > Processing.
In your Braintree account, make sure the following unsupported features are disabled:
  • Hosted Fields
  • Fraud Tools
  • Alternative Payment Methods
In the PaymentsOS Control Center, create webhooks to be notified when a transaction changes its status.

Note: Charge, Capture, and Refund are usually pending.
In your Braintree account, turn on the Duplicate transaction checking feature. Set the Duplicate transaction checking interval to at least 1 hour. For details, see Configuring duplicate transaction checking.Optional


Use the testing resources provided in the Braintree Sandbox documentation:

Last modified December 7, 2021