PayU El Salvador

Follow the standard PaymentsOS integration procedure, and then apply the relevant extra specifications in this section to integrate with PayU El Salvador.

API Version

Minimum required API version: 1.2.0

Payment Methods

The following table lists all supported payment methods.

Payment MethodPayment Method Type
American ExpressCards




The following table provides an overview of all supported and non-supported features.

3DS 2.0 ExternalNo
3DS 2.0 PaymentsOS-handledYesSupported flow type: Provider-handled Flow. For more information, see 3DS 2 PaymentsOS-handled Flow.
3DS 2.0 Provider-handledNo
3DS 2.0 Self-handledNo
Level 2 and 3 DataNo
Network TokensNo
Payment FacilitatorNo
PayU RiskYes
Retrieve Supported Payment MethodsNo
Retrieve Supported PlansNo
Statement Soft DescriptorYes
Stored Credentials FlagNo
Transaction Processing without CVVNo


The following table lists all supported requests for card-based transactions.

Use the bodybuilder to create a sample request body for each request type.

Charge Not ApplicableAsynchronous or SynchronousThe request can be synchronous or asynchronous, depending on your setup.
RefundPartial and multiple are not supportedAsynchronous

Setup Procedures

The following table lists the setup procedures that are specific to this provider.

In the PaymentsOS Control Center, configure the following credentials:
  • apiLogin: The user name supplied by PayU El Salvador
  • apiKey: undefined
  • accountId: The identifier of the account in PayU El Salvador
  • paymentCountry: SV
  • merchantId: The merchant ID in PayU El Salvador
When creating a new provider configuration in the PaymentsOS Control Center, select PayU Latam as the provider.
In the PaymentsOS Control Center, create webhooks to be notified when a transaction changes its status.

  • Make sure to configure webhook notifications for refunds as well.
  • Some API requests in the payment flow may remain in a pending status for some time.
In your PayU El Salvador account, enable the validate unique. This will validate that each payment reference sent to the PayU Latam system is unique.Required
In your PayU El Salvador account, enable asynchronous refunds (refunds will initially have a status of pending)Required
In your PayU El Salvador account, enable refund notifications. Make sure to include the transaction_type field in the notification (this step is required for PaymentsOS to remain in sync with the refund status).Required
Contact PayU Latam Support to get a list of the minimum payment amounts required by the payment methods that you intend to use.

To avoid unnecessary request failures, we recommend that you include some 'minimum value' validation for the transaction payment.amount in your system.

Errors in a Redirection Flow

In a redirection flow, customers finalize a transaction on a third-party site and are then directed back to your web page (the merchant_site_url) where you inform them of the status of their payment. Of course, there’s always a chance of an unexpected error (such as a provider communication timeout) in this process. If an error does occur, we’ll let you know about it by appending the type of error (api_error or provider_error) to the merchant_site_url. If available, we will also include the ID of the original payment request and related transaction request (action).

Here’s an example.

Last modified January 23, 2023