Quick Start

Topics in this Section

Setting up PaymentsOS

Before you can start accepting payments with PaymentsOS, there is some configuration you need to do.

Give our APIs a Try

The help you get up to speed, we created a Postman collection that contains a set of API requests for invoking some example payment flows and operations.

Collecting Card Information

Before you can accept payments using PaymentsOS, you need to collect your customer’s card information. PaymentsOS provides a card tokenization service to safeguard sensitive card data, converting a card’s details to a representative token that you can safely send to your servers.

Accepting a Payment

Now that you can collect a customer’s card information, you are ready to start accepting payments. This is typically done from a server’s backend logic. If you imported our Postman Collection, you can follow-along with the examples by invoking the requests in the Charge folder.

Migrating Card Data

Moving from your current providers involves a three-step process that will go completely unnoticed to your customers (rest assured, they will not need to reenter their card information at any stage during or after the move).

Last modified January 20, 2022