3D Secure 2.0

3D Secure 2.0 is a security protocol that provides an additional layer of protection for electronic payments. The protocol is part of the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations and standards, which mandate additional authentication steps for electronic transactions. 3D Secure is designed to verify cardholder identity to help prevent fraudulent activity and increase the security of online payments— making it a crucial tool for merchants, issuers, and consumers to reduce fraud and build trust in electronic payments. While 3D Secure is widely supported by payment providers and is obligatory for electronic transactions within the European Economic Area (EEA), more countries outside the EEA choose to adopt the protocol as well. PayU supports multiple 3D Secure authentication flows, as listed below.

Topics in this Section

PaymentsOS-handled Flow

The PaymentsOS-handled Flow is a single-call Internal flow that allows you to perform 3D Secure authentication within your API request. This flow automates the authentication process for you, according to rules that you pre-configure in advance via your control center.

Provider-handled Flow

The Provider-handled Flow is where the 3D Secure authentication process is handled by the provider you transact against after invoking the API request.

Self-handled Flow

In the Self-handled flow, you must implement the 3D Secure flow logic yourself. There are three types of 3D Secure Self-handled flows: Data Collection, Data Collection and Challege ,and Challenge only flow.

External 3D Secure Flows

You should implement an external 3D Secure flow if you use an MPI (merchant plug-in) that handles the 3DS authentication for you.

Last modified March 1, 2023