Topics in this Section

Environment Setup

Testing is an integral part of the development lifecycle and an important phase before going live. In this topic we will explore some best practices for setting-up your test environments and provide you with all relevant guidelines that will make your transition from test to production an absolute breeze!

Using the Mock Provider

A mock provider is a “dummy” provider that allows you to simulate a payment flow. A mock provider is not linked to any live payment providers or third-party processors, enabling you to test your integration without registering accounts with any external processors or third-party providers.

Postman Collection for Testing

Testing your integration using our mock provider is a walk in the park with our Postman Collection for Testing Purposes. It includes all the requests you can invoke to simulate common responses statuses and error messages when testing your integration in a development environment.

Test Cases

We have created a set of test cases that will help you determine whether your integration with PaymentsOS satisfies your requirements and works correctly.

Last modified July 19, 2020